025: OpenBazaar


Join hosts Liam Stojanovic and Michael Edelheit as they delve deep into the story of OpenBazaar. From its conception at the 2014 Bitcoin Expo Hackathon as DarkMarket to its transformation into OpenBazaar, the episode covers the ups and downs of this groundbreaking project. Discover insights from behind-the-scenes, firsthand experiences as a seller, and the eventual decline and hopeful resurgence of the platform.


  1. Introduction: Setting the stage with a glimpse of OpenBazaar’s purpose and vision.
  2. Proof of Concept: A dive into the 2014 Bitcoin Expo Hackathon and the creation of DarkMarket.
  3. The Launch: The transformation of DarkMarket into OpenBazaar, obtaining seed funding, and the creation of the OB1 entity.
  4. Mini-Interview: Liam shares his firsthand experience as a seller on OpenBazaar.
  5. Slide into Obscurity: Discussing challenges and reasons for OpenBazaar’s gradual decline.
  6. The Downfall: A deeper look into technical, financial, and competitive challenges faced by OpenBazaar.
  7. Re-Emergence: Speculation and anticipation surrounding OpenBazaar 3.0, its revival, and the future of decentralized marketplaces.
  8. Outro & Final Thoughts: Reflecting on OpenBazaar’s journey and its impact on the world of e-commerce.


  1. CoinDesk – OpenBazaar Raises $1 Million for Decentralised Marketplace
  2. Crunchbase – OpenBazaar’s Financials
  3. Crunchbase – OB1’s Profile
  4. Web Archive (OB1.io) – Snapshot from 2018
  5. Twitter (OpenBazaar’s Official Account) – Decommissioning Announcement

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