020: Season 1 Wrap Up

As season 1 of Candid Crypto comes to a close, Michael and Liam reflect on their journey of starting a podcast. Tune in to the last episode of season, and find out what to expect in season 2.

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Episode 20 Transcription – Season 1 Wrap up

Liam  00:04

Are you listening to pirate radio? I’m Apache [phonetic 00:08]. And this is my co-host Hook. Walk the plank r [Acting]

Michael  00:16

Happy to be here. I don’t think I can do an entire episode like this Liam. It’s just too much. I don’t have the voice acting skills like you.

Liam  00:24

I could tell based on your first pirate phrase.

Michael  00:31

Okay, in all seriousness, this is a big episode Liam. Big, big, big episode.

Liam  00:38

Yeah, we want to talk about Candid Crypto. Basically the progress we’ve made and what we’re hoping to accomplish with Candid Crypto.

Michael  00:46

Yes. And this episode is so exciting, because it marks Episode 20 my friends, and it will be our last episode of season one. So before we dive deeper in our experience of podcasting over the past nine months, let’s hear that intro one more time.

Liam  01:06

Welcome to Candid Crypto, a place where anyone can learn about Blockchain Tech.

Michael  01:12

We are two friends who love cryptocurrency and have acted as retail investors and researchers for years. I’m Michael.

Liam  01:21

And I’m Liam. Our goal is to create a community where listeners can build their knowledge and meet like-minded people in the digital asset space. So Michael, how are you feeling? Like how did this season go for you?

Michael  01:37

I’m feeling pretty accomplished. I think we should be really proud of the 20 episodes that we have produced in the past 09 months. And besides that, we have a website, we have articles, we have a growing team. I’m pretty happy with Candid Crypto in 9, 10 months. What about you, Liam?

Liam  01:56

For me, it was a good excuse to learn about topics I might not have learned otherwise in the cryptocurrency space. And because of that, I have remained fresh and aware of what’s going down in crypto. I like to think that, that might not be the case. But it’s fun to research. And it has also proven to be challenging to deliver factual, honest to goodness information in podcast format. And you and I have had to challenge ourselves to research and be diligent with what we say and the information we present.

Michael  02:32

Definitely, I learned a lot during this content creation kind of journey. And it got me really excited because I just want to continue it with you. So we persevered. And we live through the discomfort. I think season two is going to be really, really exciting.

Liam  02:48

Yeah. So what are you looking forward to most with Season-2?

Michael  02:51

So season one was all about delivering beginner friendly information on various crypto topics, very educational, pretty rigid. With the 5 fundamental questions towards the end. And Season-2, I think we have the opportunity to talk with others in the community and hear about these topics from people’s perspectives that are specialists. What about you? What do you think?

Liam  03:16

Oh, you nailed it. I want guests on the show. 

Michael  03:18

Yeah, we listened to so many podcasts that have guests, and I absolutely love them. And I think we both always had the dream to bring on guests,

Liam  03:26

It was going to happen, lookout for it. 

Michael  03:29

With that being said, we’re not going to leave Candid Crypto’s mission of providing approachable, user friendly information about crypto, but we’re just going to be doing it with more people because it’s just more fun that way. And we’re going to keep it real Candid because we’re not experts in all these areas. We’ve said that before. And I want to hear from experts on very niche topics.

Liam  03:53

Ask them what to buy.

Michael  03:57


Liam  03:58

What are you trying to get into this year? Do you have your eyes on any specific crypto?

Michael  04:03

No, I don’t have my eyes on any specific crypto. I mean, the past few months, the markets kind of been sideways. Not always the most engaging two people that are only into it for the money. But I like to think of ourselves as people that are into it for the technology. And for me, I’m looking forward to learning more about DOWs Decentralized Autonomous Organizations. And I think maybe 2022 is going to be the big year. I bet you it’s going to be farther in the future. But I’m just really interested in how these can affect businesses and entrepreneurs like ourselves. So I want to talk to people that are running DOWs. 

Liam  04:43


Michael  04:44

Is there any technology or piece of the crypto market that you’re especially interested in for Season-2?

Liam  04:50

I feel like I’m definitely in on Ethereum 2.0 And I hope to God that it comes out this year please migrate to Proof of Stake. 

Michael  04:57

I know, please!!

Liam  05:00

Because then we wouldn’t be having monkey business with side chains and scaling solutions that are starting to kind of eat up the market as well. We’ve talked about 

Polygon in a very recent episode, and I really am still bullish on Ethereum becoming cheap, efficient, and much more approachable to use for people who don’t want to fork over outrageous money for gas fees.

Michael  05:23

Definitely, it’s going to be a huge milestone. And I have a lot of questions for people about Ethereum 2.0 or actually, once again, they rebranded Liam, we don’t want to mislead anybody. It is now called the Consensus Layer

Liam  05:39

Oh, yeah. Well… 

Michael  05:40

Or the Consensus Protocol“. 

Liam  05:42

Yeah, that’s true. 

Michael  05:44

And that’s the whole reason why I want to get specialists on here. So we can ask the questions that we can’t answer. Like, what happens to the side chains like polygon? 

Liam  05:53

I know, that’s kind of what I want to know. 

Michael  05:55

And with that being said, if you want to be on the show, and if you are an expert in any of these areas, please reach out to us. We’re going to be reaching out to people that we network with weekly but I would love to have people that listen to the show on the show.

Liam  06:10

Yeah. Or just send us audio clips of your thoughts and comments. That works too.

Michael  06:14

Yeah, definitely. And we can go from there. And I cannot wait for Season-2, it’s going to be really amazing. And I thought this was a very appropriate way for us to finish out Season-1. Keep it light, keep it fun, and set the stage for Season-2. Anything else that listeners of candidate crypto should look forward to

Liam  06:34

New website content fo shizzle 

Michael  06:37

Fantastic. And definitely stay tuned for the website. We want Candid Crypto to be a one stop shop in a lot of ways for getting your crypto news and information. We want you to feel comfortable being part of our community because we’re all just trying to learn and if we just take little baby steps we’ll get there.

Liam  06:56It has been a pleasure. Our dear viewers, thank you very much for tuning into this meta episode of Candid Crypto as always reach us @CandidCrypto.cc. We’ll see you soon.

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